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#Bold Test Product 3

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These two do the heavy lifting to promote the biology of optimal fat metabolism. They combine together to directly support fat cell activity — converting fat into fuel. They accomplish this by Blocking Carbs and turning on metabolic processes. These active signaling components combine to produce the most seamless and complete switch to turn on fat metabolism on the market.

+ Carb Blocker
+ Fat Metabolism


The synergistic connection between methionine, inositol and choline is one of the most researched connections in medicine. The lipotropic MIC blend is a key player in mobilizing fat for metabolism and supporting hormonal balance during ketogenesis. For the Millions of americans with hormonal resistance to ketogenesis, this combination may be the key factor in resetting and prepping for optimal fat metabolism.

+ Hormonal Balance
+ Fat Mobilization



A clinical Dose of B1 / B6 / B12 is medicines best kept secret. This combination acts as both a hormonal signal and a cofactor that the our medical practices have used in injectable and oral form for many years to enhance mood, satiety and comfort. Ingested B1 / B6 / B12 combination has a 4 to 6 hour activity in the blood. Meaning you must take it with each meal to sustain highly active signaling.

+ satiety
+ mood
+ comfort


Born and backed by Clinical Results

( Medical institutes that have used this formula )

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Love, love love the Keotone chocolate. Mix it with coconut cream and 1 tsp chia seeds = best pudding out there. Rather than making a shake in the morning I eat the pudding and stay satisfied through the morning.xxx

Tammy Remmenga

Seriously love that the cocoa tastes like chocolate pudding!!! Finally a healthy smoothie that you look forward to drinking

Karissa Cooper

Been using the Keotone's since it came out. Love it and so does my wife! Dr. Greg, his staff and products are the best. Changed my life!!! Thanks Team!

Jason Vogen

The Keotone tastes awesome. Our whole family loves it! Including our two teenage boys!

Jessica Huls Larson

My husband and I love the taste and quality of the Keotone powder! Both the Chocolate and Raspberry flavors are delicious and don't have that gritty, vitamin taste that so many other supplement powders do. Keotone has become part of our daily routine and we don't get tired of it!

Jessica Hines

 I lowered my insulin levels from 19 in May to 11 in August using KEOSPARK and Keotones.

Anita Reisdorff

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