Get the Scoop on Kelsey Skillman Mother, MMA Fighter, KEOTone Fanatic

From business owners to stay at home parents, and from yoga instructors to black belts, our KEO product users are as varied as they come.

But we’ve noticed three things each of our customers has in common:  They’re real, they’re strong, and they want to be healthy.

Because she is the epitome of each of these attributes, we decided to spotlight one of our customers, Kelsey Skillman.  This spunky MMA fighter is also a beauty salon owner and a single mom. Just like you, she tries hard but isn’t perfect.  And just like you, she never gives up on her dreams of living a happy, healthy life.


As a teenager, Kelsey struggled with her confidence and body image.  She was relentlessly bullied for being overweight. At age 15, she attempted suicide.  Thankfully, she survived.

However, Kelsey chose not to this challenge define her.  With the mantra “I’ve already died; now I want to live,” she has used this challenge to propel herself forward.  In an interview with Kelsey, she told us, “It gave me a different perspective and appreciation for life. You only have one life, so live it. Do every single thing you want to, and take every chance you’re given.”

And that is exactly what Kelsey has done. Along with being a mom and a business owner, Kelsey is a successful MMA fighter.  She said of her passion, “MMA is what I do, but a fighter is what I am. It flows into every single thing I do in my life.”

Fitness and MMA have taught Kelsey that she has the power to change herself.  While she used to struggle with self-loathing and perfectionism, Kelsey now feels peaceful and empowered.  She said, “I used to always get discouraged when I first started fighting. But my I had an amazing trainer who would always remind me that I don’t have to be perfect.  I had to learn to be patient with myself.”


On a typical day, Kelsey wakes up at 5:30 and reads from a “growth book” to start her day off with positive vibes.  She gets ready (or “somewhat ready”) and makes a smoothie with KEOTone skin tightening powder. The rest of her day is a marathon of parenting, doing hair, managing a salon, and MMA training.

How does she do it all? We ask ourselves the same question!


Kelsey, said, “If I wasn't healthy mentally or emotionally, I couldn't be a good mom or a good business owner. If I wasn't physically fit, I wouldn't be able to work hard, keep up with my kids, or live the lifestyle I want for myself and my children. . . Beauty and wellness are a huge part of my life with owning a hair salon, being a cosmetologist, and being an MMA fighter. I start every day with KEOTone-- I love that it's filling and super convenient, yet full of all the nutrients my body needs.  And it tastes amazing!”

Kelsey knows that health is about more than just working out.  It’s about loving yourself and giving your body what it needs. With a probiotic and collagen peptides, KEOTone has given Kelsey a clear skin tone and a healthy microbiome.

Her favorite way to eat KEOTone is in a smoothie with coconut milk, ice, peanut butter, and 1 scoop of chocolate skin firming powder. *


Kelsey is just one of you amazing people who use our health and beauty supplements.  Even though each of your stories are different, you are all important to us.  That’s why we’ve made healthy skin care products and beauty supplements that can fit every lifestyle.

*To see more chocolate KEOTone recipes, click here.

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